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1)Your Name: emily "emu pie" drummer
2)Your Age: 14
3)Where you Live: san diegooo
4)Favorite Bands/Artisits: bright eyes (your favorite), elliot smith, the unicorns, the dresden dolls, nirvana, blonde redhead, the viels, pink flloyd, the velvet underground, the doors, simon and garfunkle, azure ray, the faint, ladytron, cat power, belle and sebastian..... uuuh and more
5)Why do you like music?: because its who i am
6)Some pics of you:

why do you lay in the GRASS???

rex kwon do is my LIFE!

PS.... do you want to make me co-mod so i can make the community better? like the application/rules/accepted and rejected list/mod picture(s)?????

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