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1)Your Name: Shelby jean or tubella.. :-(
2)Your Age: 13
3)Where you Live: LA MEsa
4)Favorite Bands/Artisits: bright eyes... i know you hate it, im being honest! the new pornographers deathcab for cutie the velvet underground, tilly and the wall, the mountain goats, the weakerthans, cursive, and yes i like dashboard

your kind of music: the velvet underground, the doors, pink floyd, kansas, led zepplin, ccr, JUVENILE (slow motion for me)

5)Why do you like music?: cause im not deaf. what kind of questions are theses retard! haha! jp jp
6)Some pics of you

... dots haha!

ooooh... look who it is and look what im doing!!!

i love you kayla

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